We are a Norwegian motorboat manufacturer known for our modern craftsmanship, motorboat longevity and impeccable designs. Over four decades have passed since the first Marex motorboat was launched in Norway. The original Marex boatyard was established in 1973 in Grimstad, a small town on the south coast of Norway. The founder of Marex and General Manager for over 20 years was Eyvin Aalrud. Soon after being established Marex boatyard become a success thanks to the farsightedness of Eyvin. Marex has remained a family company, gradually becoming one of the most solid European boat manufacturers in a very volatile business.The company is today owned and run by two sons of the founder – Espen and Thomas. Both brothers were born into the Boat industry and have been driven by boundless passion for boats and the family business since they took over in 1989. This has been achieved through excellent leadership and consistent investment in advanced boat building technology.

Today Marex Boats is stronger and bigger than ever, with its’ dealer network spanning all over the world. Marex is known all over Europe for its’ modern craftsmanship, longevity and design. The proof of this is all the International Awards and Commendations Marex has received over the last decade in the national and international arena.


Marex was founded on the south coast of Norway by Eyvin Aalrud in 1973 and gradually became one of the most solid European boat manufacturers


Our two factory facilities are in Arendal, Norway and in Kaunas, Lithuania with the total production area of 13 000 sq. meters


The name Marex comes from the two Latin words “mare” – sea and “rex” – king, which in combination stands for our motto – King of the Sea


Presently Marex employs around 190 dedicated and skilled personnel and works with the best experts in the industry


Marex manufactures complete luxury boats up to 12 meters, while presently our product range consists of 5 models from 31 to 37.5 feet


The network of dealers all around Europe ensures access of Marex motorboats in the region and overseas

A customer satisfaction survey conducted by Europe’s largest Boat magazine, the German Magazine Boot, asked close to 2 300 experienced boat owners to rank boat manufacturers regarding excellence in several important areas. Marex was ranked at the very top with regards to quality, finish, high second hand value and reliability. The survey concluded that Marex boats feature first class craftsmanship, attractive design, excellent seaworthiness and practical solutions for the boat owner.

Our General Manager Saulius Pajarskas oversees 13 000 square meter production facility and 190 dedicated boat builders. Saulius production philosophy is simple, “our boats have soul, we use better materials and components, we put in more hours, and we build boats we would like to have our selves”. Marex is not a mainstream industrial boat manufacturer, and that of course costs a little bit extra. We are not involved in mass production. In our boats, we have more standard equipment than many of our competitors. We sell boats to experienced boat lovers. The General Manager compares it to watches, everybody knows there is a difference between a Swatch and a Breitling.

Marex develops and builds boats that can handle rough seas over long distances. Solid, stable manufacturing and flexible functions amount to exceptional seaworthiness; even under the most difficult conditions. Quality and safety at sea have been trademarks of Marex products throughout the years. Since our establishment in the early 70s, we have perfected the combination of performance and function through innovative solutions. Outstanding manoeuvrability, stable performance, high comfort and reliable operation. Marex will get you there safely – no matter what!

Our biggest goal is to deliver the best boat to every customer. We want to exceed your expectations and give you a fantastic boating experience. All our boats are tested extensively on water before they leave the yard. Our target is also to protect your investment through using the best components and the highest quality installations.

Marex has some of the boat industries’ highest second hand values. This has not been achieved overnight, but by very clear long term goals and feedback from our owner community. Marex puts great effort into testing the boats, before delivering them to our customers. All Marex boats are tested on water before they leave the factory. Very few producers do. We also have developed systems that enable us to ensure our customer’s satisfaction throughout their time as a member of the Marex family.

Boat testing enables us to check all the onboard components through a comprehensive one-hundred-point audit; the electronic system, engine, heating system, lighting, navigation and so on. This process eliminates any chance of production errors. The testing team is responsible for reporting all faults to the team leader in the production line. Through this procedure the causes of errors are analysed and eliminated refining the whole production process. By doing this prior to the handover of the boat, delivery is expedited most efficiently and waiting time is reduced.

There are indications that Marex owners are happier than most other boat owners. Our focus on maritime quality, performance and seaworthiness for over 46 years, has given us a solid reputation on the used boat market. People pay for quality – perhaps especially on the used market. Marex boats keep their second-hand value better than most of our esteemed competitors. That is perhaps why many of our customers are “regulars” for repeat business. Many of them grow with us together, and switch to the latest model in the full knowledge that they get one of the market’s safest and modern boats. Welcome to the world of Marex boats !

46 Years of experience
35 Partners and dealers worlwide
3300 Boats sold
12 Boat of the Year Awards
29 Model range till 2016
100 % Happy clients
330 Scandinavia NEW

Marex 330 Scandinavia is a pure benchmark of Scandinavian family boats, made with family values in mind. Perfect for cruising with two or four people and an option for occasional guests to sleep in!


The Marex 310 perfectly cockpit cruiser for a normal sized family. The Marex 310 SC impresses with enormous space in the cockpit seating group. It has a smart wraparound cockpit seating that stretches all the way from the helm position to the passenger seat with space for ten people around the table.


Marex 320 Aft Cabin Cruiser has many of the same solutions as the successful multi award winning Marex 370 Aft Cabin Cruiser. The 320 Aft Cabin Cruiser is a scaled down 370 ACC, in both style and layout. We have kept the neat aft-cabin design.


The Marex 360 Cabriolet Cruiser is a full planning open cabin cruiser, with one of the largest convertible cockpits in its class. No boat under 40 feet features a larger cockpit area than the new Marex 360 CC. The popular solutions from the previous model – 350 Cabriolet Cruiser can be recognised and has been developed and implemented in this new, magnificent model.


The 373 is a boat for a large family. It has timeless classical lines and includes a large aft cabin. The boat is driven by a single engine with a straight shaft – It is easy to move around in the 37 foot boat due to the lowered side decks and the easy passage to bathing platform. Marex has given the boat a “little ship” character and appearance.


The new Marex 375 is the largest motorboat from Marex. Its’ design was based on the same design expression as the award-winning Marex 370 ACC. The idea has been to focus on the space above the deck. We have made room for two large seating areas in the boat. The main emphasis is that today’s customers want to stay upstairs and not have a seating area below deck.