Boat Data
Length 6.06 m
Width 2.20 m
Weight From 830 kg excl. engine
Length 6.06 m
Width 2.20 m
Weight From 830 kg excl. engine
Engine 90 – 150 hp
Speed 27 – 45 knots
Material GRP
Fuel 122 liters
Seats 7 people

Avant 605 is a brand new member of the Avant family. Not only does the 605 give you more space, but also the experience of a larger boat with very good features. Of course, you sit dry and well behind the solid windscreen.
Sophisticated solutions, tough looks and practical solutions are what characterize the Nordkapp Avant series, and 605 is no exception. The boat is designed for hot archipelago trips with friends and family.
The Avant 605 has the same award-winning and well-functioning hull as the Enduro 605.
A small selection of Avant 605 unique features:

The Avant 605 is a beautiful bowraider, built on the same hull as the award-winning Enduro 605 also has. This boat is a proof that Norwegian boat design has taken another step further.

Good space
A challenge for boats in this class has always been to make enough space for equipment. There is no lack of storage room here. The canopy is placed in the stern which can also accommodate everything from water skiing to diving equipment. In the console the cockpit table has its own fixed space, but there is also room for much more.

Table in cockpit
A smart detail is the hatch into the stowage space in the console. The hatch is top hinged and a specially designed mechanism allows it to be placed in two different positions. If you choose a 90 degree position, the hatch also becomes a sturdy table that can be used if more people are going to eat on board.

The new design of the bow makes the bow hat extra wide in the front. This ensures easy boarding. The front cushion is split in two and can be folded up to avoid stepping on the cushion as you go out and into the boat.