Boat Data
Length 8.11 m
Width 2.50 m
Weight From 1650 kg excl. engine
Length 8.11 m
Width 2.50 m
Weight From 1650 kg excl. engine
Engine 1×200 – 2×200 hp
Speed 42 – 51 knots
Material GRP
Fuel 255 liters
Seats 7 people
Beds 4


The largest daycruiser from the Nordkapp

Noblesse 790 became the major boat news of the year in the launch year 2015. This model took over after the popular market leader for several years, namely Noblesse 760. We had high expectations in advance of the 790 designed by Bård Eker, Eker Design AS, which were absolutely fulfilled. This boat is incredibly flexible and can run with anything from 1×200 to 2×200 hp on the stern.

The cockpit is spacious and the design gives it a clear social profile. One part of the table can be used for a sunbed, one can use half the table or both plates. If you use the whole table, the whole family can eat comfortably at the table. When not in use, the entire table can be stored in a dedicated storage room.

The sun bed is wide and easy to use. Here you can enjoy the warmth of the sun for those who prefer it.

The dashboard is adapted to today’s instrumentation. A good overview of motor instruments and chart plots make the driving experience unique. There are also opportunities to control the boat’s audio system from an iPad. The entire dashboard is built for the opportunities the new technology gives us.

The canopy allows to use the boat for overnight stays. Here are the standing height and many good windows that provide maximum overview and views.

The cabin is brilliant!  Of course adapted for a practical toilet solution. The details are complete and the design allows the cabin to be quickly transformed into a large bed without lifting a single hatch.

A huge bathing platform aft, secures all kinds of water activities from the boat. Here is also a large space which makes it safe to use the area for example while mooring or while fishing.