A completely new generation RIB.

Driving features, smart solutions and high quality.

The new Nordkapp Airborne-series is a new generation RIB, based on the DNA of the sports-oriented Nordkapp Boats. This means focus on sporty driving features, smart solutions and high quality, which we have shaped into one of the best boats we have ever made!
Nordkapp Airborne is aiming at giving you a natural and free feeling, both for families and individualists. In short the Nordkapp Airborne is a safe, high performance boat with a lot of fun!

A RIB increasing your comfort level.

Nordkapp Airborne 8 is a sporty RIB with focus on comfort, defined driving characteristics and enjoying life at sea.

The hull design of the Airborne 8 is tailored for you to maintain in control, even when conditions become challenging.

The boat is made with focus on different comfort zones, either during the warm summer or during colder days in the spring or autumn. In the bow you will find a solid bow step to board or leave the vessel, and you can also equip your Airborne 8 with a large sun bed in the bow section if you would like to.

Tailored console.

The console in Airborne 8 is crafted for Nordic conditions and provide protection from the weather conditions as well as wind. You have plenty of space to pass the drivers console both on starboard as well as on port side.

The console can also be supplied with a sprayhood and canopy, which covers the driver and passenger in the cockpit. Under the drivers seat you will find the boat’s fridge drawer, if you choose to add this as equipment on your boat.

Focus on comfort.

The sunbed on Nordkapp Airborne 8 provides a combination of a RIB with the comfort you need for a long daytrip at sea. The sunbed is mounted in a matter of seconds.

The aft deck of the Airborne 8 is large and with plenty of space for family and friends.

With a fold-down seating bench (optional) towards the cockpit and a wide and spacious aft bench, you can accommodate 5-6 people. You can easily enter the swimming platforms on both starboard and port side, by flipping the seat cushions and thus avoiding stepping on them.

The hull.

The hull of the Nordkapp Airborne 8 gives a sensation of sportyness and safety. Provided by the abilty of the hull to follow through the cornering, the G-forces are working to keep you in the boat, improving the comfort level. This gives a driving sensation of best-in-class driver experience.

Technical Specifications.

Hull length 7.80 m
Width 2.82 m
Height 2.06 m
Weight From 1380kg excl. engine
Engine Max 300hp
Fuel 300 liters
Seats 10 people