Our smallest but spacious day cruiser.

Focus on smart details.

Stepping into the Noblesse 605, the first impression is how large the
experience of the cockpit is. This is really a boat focusing on the smart details,
and with the hull being the same as the Enduro/Avant 605 we ensure you a
boat which is both comfortable and convenient even in rougher sea conditions.
In a few magic touches, the cockpit changes from a traditional cockpit to
a cockpit containing two sunbeds or as seating around the dining table.
Flexibility is the key word for the Noblesse 605 cockpit. In addition, several
spacy compartments are found on this boat, with the largest one in the floor
of the cockpit.

Focus on maneuverability

We have placed emphasis on the maneuverability with the Noblesse 605 and the boat is highly suitable for navigation in urban areas, or in narrow archipelagos. The 605 is often used for day trips or weekend trips. Its a perfect choice if you want the daytrip boat which is easily maneuvered in busy marinas. The Noblesse 605 will for sure give you a good feeling of control in every situation.


High comfort level

With its just over 6 meter in length, the Noblesse 605 has an impressive accessories list, making sure that you have as comfortable daytrips as possible. With smart storage lockers handled from the side, it gives you the possibility to stow away lots of luggage. The Noblesse 605 also has additional accessories like fridge and pressurized water system (incl. shower), giving you memorable warm summer days at sea.

Technical Specifications.

Length 6.06 m
Width 2.20 m
Weight From 900 kg excl. engine
Engine 115 – 175 hp
Max speed 50 knots
Material GRP
Fuel 139 liters
Seats 6 people
Beds 2 people