Nordkapp Noblesse 720.

Α day cruiser that will take your breath away! Nordkapp Noblesse 720 has modern gorgeous lines and a sporty look. The cabin provides good sleeping space for 2. A smart solution where the back of the sun lounger on the deck is also a hatch down to the cabin, makes the cabin airy and large. There is plenty of storage space under the seat cushion and the cabin has several smart storage compartments for telephone, wallet, books, etc. The windows are equipped with curtains that you can easily fasten when you go to sleep.

The Nordkapp Noblesse 720 is seaworthy and comfortable as expected and required. But the hull design has properties that emphasize on stability at high speeds. The hull is designed to take the waves in a wonderful way. Driving it is easy and it is completely stable at speeds above 50 knots. Our goal was to make this a boat you will never get tired of driving!

In the cockpit you will find a pantry with a hob and a sink with a tap and fresh water. Plenty of storage space can also be found on the bench. If there is something you need to keep cold, you can store it in the cooling box.

The actual driver position is clear and gives the skipper full control. A flexible, solid and good driver’s seat ensures comfort.

Further back you will find a U-lounge . This is the ultimate social décor in a boat of this size. A new design that has lowered the entire cockpit means that everyone in the boat sits well protected behind the windscreen. This also provides a high freeboard that increases safety on board. The entire cockpit is full of smart and user-friendly solutions. Among other things, it can be mentioned that the fenders have their own room in the sides behind the back in the salon. The seat cushions are divided up, so that you can easily tilt up a small part of the cushion, when going out or into the boat, either from behind or from one of the sides. With a simple grip, you can also turn the lounge into a sun lounger with room for several people.

At the very aft you will find a large bathing platform . This range has been expanded compared to previous models. Here there is also a sun lounger for two people and of course a bathing ladder which is easily accessible also from the water.

Technical Specifications.

Length 7.10 m
Width 2.60 m
Weight From 1480 kg excl. engine
Engine 200 – 250 hp
Speed 38 – 51 knots
Material GRP
Fuel 182 liters
Seats 7 people
Beds 4