Designed to offer you a sea of emotions.

The feeling of RS.

The feeling of freedom and open sea. The feeling of control. The feeling of speed. Nordkapp RS is designed to offer you a sea of ​​emotions.

The details.

The Nordkapp RS 705A shares many of the hull elements of its sister, the RS 705E. This gives you an unmistakable touch of sport, whereas at the same time, a feeling of comfort. The low and clear dashboard along with an ergonomically well-placed console, make the driving experience unique.

The easily recognizable Nordkapp design language is well anchored in the RS 705A. The designer’s sporty design of the hull is decisive in both driving pleasure, but also comfort. The hull’s 3M carbon film (optional) gives the boat an extra rough feel.


The performance.

The sharp 24-degree hull makes the RS 705A one of the most fun-to-ride bowriders on the market.
With a more linear power rating, the RS705 kicks well, and responds well both from the start and from
the middle register. The hull has a low plane threshold, and it won’t take you long to notice the stability
the hull provides at higher speeds.


It’s all about the good feeling you will be left with that stands out. A good feeling, created by the mixture
of adrenaline and control. That is why we have designed a driver’s position that facilitates you and the
passengers to experience both. On the RS 705A you have a fantastic view of the landscape around you as at the
same time you sail in high speeds, well protected by the strong wind.

Technical Specifications.

Length 7.05 m
Width 2.30 m
Weight From 1275 kg excl. engine
Engine 250 – 300 hp
Speed up to 50 knots
Material ALU
Fuel 200 liters
Seats 7 people