Purified driving machine.

The hull. 

The easily recognizable Nordkapp design language can be found in the RS 705E. The designer’s narrow and steep hull angle of 24 degrees is decisive in both driving pleasure, but also comfort. If you want to give the hull an extra tough feel, you can add 3M carbon film (optional).

The details.

Sports seats in detailed design for a perfect driving position, and aft seats with comfortable headrests that make both the boat look aggressive in port while the passengers get a better experience.

The RS logo in the seats and in the cushions, as well as on the hull, points out what this boat is really good for.

The combination of the black carbon film hull, black rails and RS interior leaves a solid impression of power and performance.

The performance.

It was the performance you experience as a driver that drove the idea
behind the design of perhaps the most driving-happy Nordkapp model.
With a linear power rating, the Nordkapp RS 705E kicks off and responds fast
both from the start and from the midrange.

The hull has a low plane threshold
and you will notice the stability the hull gives you at higher speeds.

Technical Specifications.

Length 7.05 m
Width 2.30 m
Weight From 1150 kg excl. engine
Engine 250 – 300 hp
Speed up to 51 knots
Material ALU
Fuel 200 liters
Seats 7 people