Versatile, sporty, year-round, high comfort.

Space and practicality.

Either if you are taking the first steps in boating or having long years of experience, there is one common factor for your boat: space and practicality.

For that reason we made an ingenious design of spaces, compartments and solutions; we kept the high comfort of an open deck U-sofa and a cabin comfortable for a weekend’s sleep for two.

The hull has the sporty edges, designed by the legendary Espen Thorup, that grant a fast and economical ride with agile steering.

When you need to fit more.

A thoroughly designed deck layout provides a spacious cabin,
that has enough space to accommodate with comfort a couple over a weekend getaway.

The U-sofa is divided in rigid compartments that can fit all the necessary
luggage of your trip, without filling up the cabin or leaving them unprotected.

Technical Specifications.

Length 6.08 m
Width 2.37 m
Weight From 900 kg excl. engine
Engine 100 – 150 hp
Max speed 45 knots
Material GRP
Fuel 100 liters (140 liters optional)
Seats 6 people