MAREX 440 Gourmet Cruiser


    The Marex 440 is a new generation of cruisers with contemporary design lines and several new innovations. This new boat is set to become the brand’s flagship at 13.70 metres in length and with a maximum beam of 4.27 metres.
    The boat will have 2 modifications: 440 Gourmet Cruiser with an enormous U-shaped kitchen layout and 440 Scandinavia Version with second dining in an enclosed salon.

    Concept overview

    The idea is to create a family boat focusing on easy living and have the cruise experience of a much larger vessel. The largest kitchen in its class, beach club next to the water, two bathrooms and a washer machine are examples of this idea.

    The Marex 440 Gourmet Cruiser is the result of the collaboration between Marex in-house design team and Slovenian studio VOM Creations Yacht Design. Naval architecture was provided by Nikl design and Engineering by Alpha Creations.

    Functional kitchen

    One of the 440 Gourmet Cruiser’s innovations is its kitchen. Marex created a chef’s dream with an enormous U-shaped kitchen layout – the largest in its class. It features an oven/microwave, double sink, induction cooker and a dishwasher. It also has an opening in the countertop for storage of 4 beer/ drink cases of 24 boxes each. The solar panels provide enough capacity to keep the 220-litre refrigerator and 100-litre freezer running permanently without shore power.

    Scandinavia version can propose additional dining area with a big sofa and two retractable stools instead of port side kitchen cabinets.

    Canopy solution

    The model has the fastest and easiest way to close the open cockpit deck, existing in the market. The curtains are hidden in the targa arch and just slides around like a curtain. The canopy can be fastened with just ONE single grip. No buttons or rubber bands. From an open cruiser to completely closed boat in less than a minute!


    • Hull type    Planning


    • Length  13.70 m


    • Beam 4.27 m

    • Depth (sterndrive engine) 1.00 m

    • Depth (IPS engine) 1.16 m

    • Displacement (light) 13.000 kg

    • Passengers B: 12 / C: 12

    • Berths 6 + 3 or 4 + 3

    • Bathrooms 2

    • Fuel Tank 2 x 595 l

    • Water Tank 780 l

    • Water Heater 80 l

    • Blackwater Tank 335 L

    • Batteries 8 x AGM 100 Ah + EXIDE 60 Ah (generator) + bow thruster battery 

    • CE Category B / C

    • Master bed (front cabin) 2,00 x 170 M


    • Guest bed (mid cabin) 2,00 x 1,80 M

    • Cockpit headroom (minimum) 2.06 m


    • Front cabin headroom 1.97 m


    • Mid cabin headroom (changing area) 2.08 m


    • Height without cradle 4.43 m


    • Width of sidedecks (minimum) 0.28 m






    Equipment & Pricing

    Pricing and equipment options for MAREX 440.

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