Coupe 830

Confidence meets craftsmanship.


    Scandinavian craftsmanship meets the allure of the open sea. With a nod to the timeless elegance of Nordic design principles, the Coupe 830 boasts novel lines that evoke a sense of modern sophistication and adventure. Setting the course, confidently

    The wide aft open spaces, welcoming you and your loved ones to enjoy the evening ahead. .

    Shield from the sun or craft your private retreat

    The fore and aft  on the Coupe 830 invites you to a luxurious, private retreat.

    Precise design, definite handling

    The Coupe 830 glides through the water with the grace of a metiulous Nordkapp design, ensuring exceptional comfort at every speed range.

    Designed, and crafted for the unexpected

    When the elements turn turbulent, the Coupe 830 remains steadfast, a symbol of unwavering resilience against the forces of nature. With the soul of a thoroughbred and the heart of a true explorer, it invites you to conquer the open waters with a sense of poise and mastery. As you embark on each voyage, rest assured that the Coupe 830 is not just a boat; it is a statement of your unyielding pursuit of excellence in every facet of life, be it on land or at sea.

    Inviting atmosphere

    The cabin of the Coupe 830 has been thoughtfully designed to maximize space and natural light. The warm, inviting colors and carefully selected materials create a sense of comfort and relaxation that is unrivaled.


    • Length 8.30 m


    • Beam 2.92 m

    • Net Weight 2.500 kg

    • Boat Height 2.50 m

    • Fuel Tank 325 L

    • Water Tank 40 L

    • Septic Tank 40 L

    • Engine power 300 - 400 hp

      single or twin outboard installation

    • Engine Stem length XL

    • CE Classification C

    • Max Pasengers 10

    • Berths 4

    • Max speed 50 knots

      with twin 200 HP




    Equipment & Pricing

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