The new model of the Hydrolift X-Series family.

The well-established platform.

Hydrolift is expanding its X-Series with the new X-42 model. Many elements are taken from the P-42 platform which, among other things, has so far resulted in 6 high-speed and advanced lifeboats for The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society.

The well-established platform provides several opportunities to produce both closed and open variants for the private as well as the professional market.

Mercury V12 Engines.

Through Mercury’s new innovative V12 outboards, the Hydrolift X-42 will have a stylish and powerful driveline that makes this model both efficient and fun to drive.

Modular System

Hydrolift X-42 is based on a modular system that opens up for different variants based on the customer’s needs. This applies to special solutions in the cockpit and in the cabin. A spacious aft area with a neat and clear layout enables a good work space and the opportunity for necessary equipment for anglers, divers, fish farming, Search and Rescue, Fire, Police and more.

The aft area can also be made into a nice lounge space for socializing on board. Equipped as a beautiful leisure boat, there are also sun bathing areas in the bow area. Accommodation and a bathroom are located in the cabin with entrance from the cockpit.

Take a closer look at the Hydrolift P-42 SUV version.

The P-42 SUV is designed for professional and recreational use. The P-42 SUV is set up to be the ultimate 42ft explorer of the coastline with few limitations of use, durability and strength. The cabin in front can easily be transformed to a sleeping cabin for 2 adults, and the area below the mid cabin gives room for 2 more.


Technical Specifications.



12.60 m


3.90 m


From 10.000 kg


TBD – 3 x 600hp

Max speed

60+ knots


10 people

Sleeping capacity

6 people