About STING Boats.

Sting is a Norwegian boat brand under the same roof as Nordkapp Boats, ownership of Frydenbo Marine. The focus of Sting Boats is motorboats in the sizes of 4.7 m  up to 7.3 m, designed and built in modular concepts and shared platforms in order to maximize the value of the boats transferred to the customer, and minimizing the cost impact.

Sting Boats is present around the globe through a vast dealers network, and therefore is in position to provide immediate support to the boat owners.

The design  follows the same basic ideas that made Nordkapp successful: boats made to last, boats made to travel fast and safe. Space utilization is maximized and the design and customization options are made to fit the variety of uses of a boater, ranging from weekend travelling to fishing and water sports.

The designer Espen Thorup has been the one in charge of the design team of Sting Boats, and is the one mostly responsible for the brilliant solutions implemented on the boats of the shipyard, and led to international award nominations already numerous times.

Sting S - Line

485 s    530s    610s

Sting 610 DC

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